Introducing the Venus Factor Diet

When it comes to getting into shvenus factor reviewsape there are not shortcuts but some diet plans work better than others. You may have heard of the Venus Factor Diet which is a new diet plan that has been working wonders for many people. This diet plan was created by John Barban, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of a woman’s body so that she can loose weight quickly and safely. The program is what is known as a “leptin” diet. This is basically a diet that works to control the amount of leptin a woman’s body produces at any given time. Let’s take a closer look.

Leptin Diet

The entire idea behind a leptin diet is that a woman’s body produces more of the hormone leptin than a man’s body naturally and this is something that needs to be more closely regulated. By intentionally decreasing the release of the hormone leptin stunning weight loss results can be activated with the female body. This is because when leptin is released other hormones are triggered as well which go against weight loss. By decreasing the leptin you decrease the other hormones and increase the weight loss by letting your body do the work naturally.

The Venus Factor Program

The Venus Factor isn’t just a diet though that is the main part of it. It is an entire program that consists of several different parts. In addition to the diet plan there is also a 12 week workout plan that is laid out for you in detail. You also receive an application to speak with a personal nutritionist to get the guidance you need. Motivation is also a big factor which is why the Venus Factor Program provides you with access to their special chat room so that you can talk to others who are in the same situation as you. D’Angelo Sommerset of Johns Hopkins University said “Staying motivated is the most important key of any weight loss program.”

Venus Factor Diet Results

One of the most important things that a woman wants to know about any diet plan is if it gets results. Read a series of Venus Factor reviews from the Health Living Summit weight loss blog. The Venus Factor diet plan (combined with the workout plan and other perks) can produce a weight loss result of between 20 and 50 pounds in the first three months of beginning the program. There are many people who report positive results with the program giving it a good reputation in the weight loss community.

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